Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Hard (Ways to cope with a busy Long Distance Bf/Gf)

It's hard to go from doing the usual talking every day that you once had when getting into the relationship, and then barely having time for each other.

I am a full time mother, student, and employee.

On top of that I'm a pet owner and have a home of my own too so you can imagine...

But then I have this AMAZING guy that comes into my life!

We would text each other every single day that we could! When we had to get off of the phone for things that we needed to take care of like our families and homes, you best believe we'd text each other. What baffles me still to this day is that he and I have yet to really get sick of each other. Mind you we have spent a total of three weeks together in person this past summer. But we have been dating online for months now. We never tire of each other's company.

....So when one of you gets a job, or in my case he gets one full time job and I get two part time jobs...
It makes life harder. So much harder.

The biggest Superman Statue you'll ever find in the U.S!

The Tardis actually lit up and yes that is the ACTUAL Ace!
I haven't started my new jobs just yet. I will be soon. I was basically on a mini-vacation since May. My boyfriend had spent two awesome weeks with me. After he had left I had went to Metropolis, Illinois for the annual Superman festival.  So although I was a wreck when he left, I also was busy not even 48 hours later. By the time I had gotten back home, he was able to Skype me. So I wasn't too miserable.

But here it is this time I was the one visiting him, and while I was there, he had to work every single day that I was there with the exception of the day that I had left to go back home, and the weekend. Every moment was treasured, but it was a bit sucky because that had cut into our time together big time.

So when I left, I was really bummed. Although the time I had with him and his friends was absolutely awesome. Was taught how to play beer pong, nearly cannonballed in the beach, had my first taste of knockoff moonshine and four lokos. lol It was a nice temporary release.

But lately he's been so swamped with work and other obligations, that I have barely had time to talk to him. So here I am sitting and wondering what the heck I could do instead of moping and feeling sorry for myself. And I have a few ideas that I'd like to share and pass to you!
 (Because right after I do so I'm cleaning or gaming to keep my mind off of him!)

  1. I cannot TELL you how many times my Xbox 360 has saved my life! Plus my friends obviously.
    It seems to be common for me and probably some of you all, that you haven't caught up with some of your buddies. Gaming brings anybody together! (Well just about) Take a day off and kick back! Release some of that sexual frustration you may be having by lighting some random opponent on GTA V on fire! (Don't ask) Either way it's a good outlet.
  2. Read

    Books are another great way to escape the everyday world! I'm currently finishing up the last hundred pages of Beautiful Creatures! (And let me tell you the book and movie are COMPLETELY different!) And then it'll be on to The Fault In Our Stars before I decide to watch the movie later when it's most likely on Blu Ray. I have already decided though that I will be taking a break from Romance novels after that book though because it's had me all sad missing my boyfriend. lol So I recommend perhaps a horror novel! (Scott Sigler is GREAT for that!) Or whatever keeps your interest but also keeps you from thinking too much about your loved one. 
  3. Write Or Draw 

    So of course this won't exactly make your mind stop from being sad, but it'll help release SO much of that anxiety that is probably swelling in your chest as well as sadness. Like I'm feeling right now...(Gotta get on my Xbox soon) You know all of those incredibly cheesy and soppy quotes that I post that I've actually made myself? I write those when I'm highly emotional. So if you've ever wondered if I was reading Twilight and all of the soppiness just poured out of me? Nope! Just poured my feelings out on paper or better yet on my laptop! Be it a diary or a poem, write it out. It helps trust me. 
  4. Exercise

    So I am turning into a pretty big health nut. I've been counting my calories and doing at the least forty-five minutes of Zumba daily. You're doing something very productive as well as getting or staying in shape! Nothing wrong with that whatsoever!(Plus you'll probably be too busy trying to get a breath of air into your lungs to focus too much on being sad...) But you'll also feel better about yourself. 
  5. Shower
    I have generalized anxiety. So when those fears or painful memories or upsetting emotions start rolling in like furious clouds on a beautiful sunny day, I take a shower when I can. I will literally sit in my bathtub and take deep, relaxing breaths while soaking in hot water. I'll also have relaxing music playing. Be it sad or positive. It may help you with your anxiety. 
  6. Pamper Yourself! 

    Haven't done your nails in awhile? Cut or dyed your hair? Don't you think it's time to? Spoil yourself while your boo is out working hard or having a well deserved outing with their girls/guys! I haven't done mine in quite some time matter of fact... Need to....
    When ALL else fails, there is Netflix.
    I cannot tell you how many times Netflix has been my hero. From watching an entire season in one day of American Horror Story or Doctor Who! You'll be caught up in so many feels and emotional attachments with fictional characters, that you'll be able to temporarily escape from your own woes for awhile depending on what you are watching. Plus if you are behind on a show that your babe is caught up on, that's the perfect chance for you to!
  8. Clean
    Okay so I should really practice what I preach... But it helps keep you busy does it not? Don't judge me...You're the one reading this remember!!
    Yes, I am trying to kick you out of your own home. Get out and buy a new comic. Go see your grandmother you haven't seen in awhile that would enjoy catching up with you. Take your little brother or sister out to the park! Go try that new restaurant you've been hearing so many good things about! Whether it's by yourself or with a friend, it's always nice to get a breath of fresh air every now and again. Plus it gives you something new to talk about when you and your love get time to sit down and talk! :)
  10. Get A Pet To Love On
    Within the past month I have adopted three gerbils and a rat from a church friend. Keeping up with them along with my little monsters (that don't have tails), keep me incredibly busy! But loved so much. I get to snuggle up to my babies, and my adorable little critters! Although my rat is far from tiny let me tell you...

So that's all I've got for right now. Ten tips that usually help me. Of course there are more and if you feel like suggesting other ideas that I may not have come up with, feel free to in the comments or in my inbox for my Tumblr followers! Hope these help a few of you and I'll write something new later! 

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