Saturday, December 27, 2014

*THE LOVE CHALLENGE* Reasons Why I fell for you

So on one bad day a few weeks back... Paul and bumped heads over Lord knows what and we just gave each other space and the silent treatment for a while. I was huffing and puffing for a good little bit, and decided to remind myself why on earth my crazy behind fell in love with his crazy behind.
This was the outcome in less than I want to say...10 minutes?


Know how you get mad at your loved one at times and get so irritated that you wonder how in the heck you two ever went without bumping heads when you first met? Well here's nice little thing to do while you're burning your death stares into the back of their head.
Write down a list, however many come to your mind, of reasons on why you fell in love with them in the first place.

Here's the catch though, you only have 10 minutes.
See how many you can come up with! I came up with 68!

Reasons Why I Fell For You
(In ten minutes or less)
  1. You get me when no one else does
  2. You remind me of my father
  3. You know how to make me laugh, even when I'm mad at you
  4. You are so affectionate at the most random times
  5. ...You never give up...
  6. You love God
  7. I just feel better when attending church with you
  8. You helped me get through my miscarriage
  9. My mother and grandmother actually LIKE YOU
  10. My DAD actually likes you
  11. DOMINIQUE ACTUALLY LIKES YOU!! He never likes anyone I date
  12. The children love you to pieces
  13. ...We had a child together...
  14. How affectionate and loving you were to me while I was pregnant...
  15. You help me clean
  16. You clean when I don't
  17. You do the dishes without me asking
  18. You take care of the kids needs most of the time without me asking
  19. When you cook I've never been disappointed
  20. You always appreciate my cooking even when it's something you're not fond about
  21. You appreciate the little things
  22. I love how much of a kid you turn to around my children and others
  23. I love your sister as my own
  24. I love your mom as my own
  25. You've made me feel welcome with your family and friends
  26. You blend in well with my family and friends
  27. I fall in love with you all over again when you smile at me in dim lighting
  28. I love the color of your eyes
  29. Your scruffy beard
  30. Your face when it's shaved
  31. How you smell. Even when you don't smell your best.
  32. I'm not grossed about by your feet unless they stink
  33. You've always taken care of me when I get sick
  34. SOMETIMES when you nag at me, I need to actually hear it
  35. Even though it might TAKE you a while to do so, you apologize when you're at fault probably more than I do.
  36. I love your broad shoulders
  37. Your round belly
  38. Your nose
  39. I dig how hairy you are even though I hate hairy men normally.
  40. You actually have decent teeth. Not messed up ones.
  41. You've actually smoked less at TIMES for my own sake.
  42. You play cards and game with me
  43. You actually have rhythm and always laugh or are humored when you dance
  44. Even when you annoy the CRAP out of me almost always do I find myself laughing
  45. You refused to give up on me when I was more interested in someone else when we first met
  46. Even though you sounded insane, you didn't make me feel uncomfortable when you basically told me you fell in love at first sight.
  47. How FAST we connected just talking in those first few comments on facebook.
  48. How FAST we connected when we started talking on the phone. 
  49. How quickly I grew to have feelings for you when I at first didn't.
  50. How I actually fell for your personality before your looks. 
  51. I love your laugh. It reminds me of Seth Rogen's.
  52. I love how soft your hair is when it grows out a little and I run my hands through it.
  53. Your snores are loud...TERRIBLY so...but I can hardly sleep without hearing them. 
  54. You randomly hold me in your sleep and give me kisses smiling
  55. You never let me talk about how ugly I am.
  56. You're ambitious. 
  57. You always look at the future with a positive mindset
  58. I love that at times I can randomly jam with you in a car.
  59. I actually believe that stupid saying that I am in love with my best friend.
  60. Even though you slip at times with me, you truly do respect women in general.
  61. You ALWAYS treat little old ladies respectfully and as if they're your grandma.
  62. Your southern accent.
  63. How you fuss about the silliest things like the ice tray not being filled and unfilled the way you like it.
  64. How passionate you are over football...even when you get slightly annoying talking about it so much.
  65. Your drive to be a good stepfather despite your fears.
  66. Your willingness to forgive so easily.
  67. Your hairy small fat feet remind of hobbits!
  68. Your round belly is my drum and my pillow!

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